We strive to make life a little easier for moms and dads with our multiple award winning baby rompers.


  • Incredibly soft, premium fabrics.
  • Easy diaper changes with no snaps or zippers.
  • A single baby outfit for all day use without looking like and under garment.
  • No snaps or zippers to break makes for a garment that can be passed down to your next baby.
  • Perfect for babies with "high sensory challenges" and babies with Autism.
  • Best in class construction.

 Brett grew up in South Africa where as a child he could be found riding his scooter through his dad's 7 floor clothing factory  that was  established in 1903. In his twenties he moved to the USA and started a family and that is where the frustration of zippers and snaps began. EZ BABY is dedicated to eliminating the frustration at the changing table.