Winner of 7 national product Awards. We are lead by a fearless single dad who has two beautiful boys. After 20 years of sweat and tears working as an executive in the action sports industry he broke free and started Sons Of Savage LLC and hence the birth of EZ1Z. We strive to make life a little easier for moms and dads through our easy to use "EZ1Z"  baby product line of clothing and accessories.


  •  Easy diaper changes with no snaps or zippers.
  •  A single baby outfit for all day use without looking like and under garment
  •  Neither snaps nor zippers to break makes for a garment that can be passed down to your next baby
  •  Easy to check for diaper "blow outs" through the back changing opening.
  •  Perfect for babies with "high sensory challenges" and babies with Autism.
  •  Easy for disabled parents who may struggle with snaps and zippers.

 Brett grew up in South Africa where as a child he could be found riding his scooter through his dad's 7 floor clothing factory  that was  established in 1903. In his twenties he moved to the USA and started a family and that is where the frustration of zippers and snaps began. EZ1Z is a simple concept that solves the frustration at the changing table.